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Details, Patterns, and Jorge Ubico

6 – Details, patterns, and Jorge Ubico por MCD
  • 6 – Details, patterns, and Jorge Ubico

While you walk through the corridors of the majestic National Palace of Culture in Guatemala, you won’t be able to help but to notice the small details everywhere in its construction. Each corner of the building is full of small tidbits and details worth analyzing. 

 One of the most interesting details that you can find in the National Palace is the arches in both the courtyards, which are bundled together in groups of five on each side, on each level. Why five? When the construction of the building was requested, President Jorge Ubico wanted to incorporate this number, for he considered it his lucky number due to both his first and last name having five letters.  

Another detail that can’t be missed are the fingerprints of the president, which can be seen on the door knobs on some of the doors of the National Palace.