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Julio Urruela and his pieces

4 – Julio Urruela and his pieces por MCD
  • 4 – Julio Urruela and his pieces

One of the showiest aspects of the National Palace of Culture is its 62 stained-glass artworks made by artist Julio Urruela, who is recognized as a pioneer in stained glass-making techniques in Guatemala. These pieces are located in the central halls of the building. 

He dedicated his life to his art form since childhood, studying with Guatemalan artist, Agustín Irirarte, in his homeland. Posteriorly, he continued his studies in Europe; in Paris, he specialized in the making of stained-glass and when he returned to Guatemala, he invested his time exclusively with this technique, and the pieces located within the National Palace of Culture are his most representative works. 

Urruela’s stained-glass pieces are astounding and have stood the test of time, proving the quality of his work. Furthermore, they serve as evidence of Guatemalan cultural richness, for they portray topics and symbolism related to the History and culture of Guatemala’s population.