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The details on the fountains

10 – The details on the fountains por MCD
  • 10 – The details on the fountains

The architectural style of the National Palace of Culture can be considered as “eclectic”, for it has taken several elements from various other styles such as colonial, with French and neoclassical influences. Some of them are also present in some of the other buildings made during Jorge Ubico’s presidency. When visiting the complex of museums in Zone 13, you will be able to notice decorative elements similar to those found in the Palace. 

All over the four ponds on the first floor, you will be able to see decorative details of such styles, with decorated tiles that resemble those of ponds in colonial houses, as well as fountains with mythological fish as their motif, displaying the influence of the neoclassical style, and glazed ceramic tiles that resemble the style of arab pools.