Recorridos Culturales


Murals "Religion" and "Mayan Wisdom"

14 – Murals above Staircases A I por MCD
  • 14 – Murals above Staircases A I

The motif of the murals in Staircases A, from the west, is: “Guatemalan Nationality”. On one of the walls, the murals titled “Religion” and “Mayan Wisdom” can be appreciated.

“Religion” is a portrayal of Mayan cosmogony. On one side you have a priest, dressed with their holy attire, including a headpiece adorned with feathers of a quetzal’s tail. In front of him, a woman is collecting the blood of a bird, while in the background you can see two people in a begging position in front of a field devoid of any crop, with deities present in the sky.

On the other side, we appreciate the piece titled: “Mayan Wisdom”, with three people practicing the knowledge studied by the indigenous people: sculpting, writing, and painting.