Recorridos Culturales


Lamps and unique designs with quetzals made on gold and bronze

20 – Light and Quetzals por MCD
  • 20 – Light and Quetzals

The National Palace of Culture has more than a thousand chandeliers and lamps out of a selection of around 50 different styles, which reinforce the architectural design and illuminate the other patterns and designs for better appreciation. Some of them even have a world globe inside them, did you catch that detail on the ones at the entrance of Flags hall? If you didn’t, don’t forget to look up when you’re exiting.

The biggest chandelier is located in the Flags Hall and weighs two tons. It is made out of bronze with 24-karat gold detailing and a little bit over a thousand lights. On top of it, one can find four quetzals that pinpoint the 4 cardinal points.