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Monumento a la Paz

8 – Monumento a la Paz por MCD
  • 8 – Monumento a la Paz

Where does the Changing of the Rose of the Peace take place? This event happens here, at the Monumento a la Paz (Monument to Peace). The sculpture we are appreciating was created by Guatemalan artist, Luis Fernando Carlos de León. Its most remarkable element is the fact that it depicts two left hands pointing to the sky, which day to day hold an organic white rose. 

At the base of it, you will be able to notice sixteen intertwined arms, which symbolize the union of the population, and at the same time, “carrying” the concrete slab that works as a base for the hands, which in turn symbolizes the “weight of freedom”. 

This monument might seem familiar to you. Its replica is located in the fountain at the center of the Civic Center, in front of the Municipalidad de Guatemala, The Supreme Court of Justice, the National Bank of Guatemala, and the Ministry of Public Finance.