Recorridos Culturales


Stained-glass depictions of pre-Hispanic and colonial life in Guatemala.

21 – Stained-glass Pieces in the Flags Hall por MCD
  • 21 – Stained-glass Pieces in the Flags Hall

At the main entrance, on the left side, stained glasses that highlight pre-Hispanic life of Mayan descendants can be appreciated. While on the other side, there’s a depiction of Spaniards during colonial times, the unfolding of the conquest, and the evangelization of the indigenous people.

On the west side, one can find the collection of pre-Hispanic life that depicts several aspects of the day to day of the indigenous people such as: hunting, agriculture, wisdom, art, and spirituality. Amongst the stained-glass pieces, one can also observe the Shield of Utatlan and the Great Jaguar of Tikal.

On the opposite wall, one can appreciate the collection depicting Colonial Life, wherein depictions, of the time period, characters and architecture of Guatemalan History, are displayed. In them, one can also appreciate the Royal Palace of General Captains, the former campus of the University San Carlos de Guatemala, the coat of arms of St. James of the Knights of Guatemala, the Spanish Court; characters such as Doña Beatriz de la Cueva, the sculptor Quirio Cataño or Brother Payo Enriquez de Rivera and his printing house; lastly, one can see historical events such as the trade of fabrics, or the discovery of the Americas.